Application engineering

Not sure which gasket or other sealing product is right for you and how to make best use of it? We are here to help you find the perfect fit for your sealing challenges. You can rely on our long lasting experience and deep knowledge in application engineering.

Our strength is deep knowledge in application engineering, built from long lasting experience in sealing business, constant learning, and dedication to find a perfect sealing solution. Highly skilled experts with experience in various industries and applications can help you solve practically any sealing problem or develop new improved solutions.

Focus on our clients’ needs

We have a deep understanding of our clients’ needs. This enables us to find the right and most economical solution for your sealing challenges. We do that either by using standard sealing products or by designing custom-cut gaskets, either by using our own DISS® brand products or by searching other best fit products on the market.

Experience in various industries and applications:

• Petrochemical industry
• Chemical industry
• Power plants
• Food & pharmaceutical industry
• Automotive industry
• Steam production & distribution
• Shipbuilding, machine building
• Gas supply
• Potable water
• Extremely aggressive media
• High temperature applications
• Valves
• Pressure regulators
• Compressors

Wide range of services:

• consulting and technical support,
• standardized tests,
• monitoring of quality,
• collaboration with international companies and institutions.

We can help you with selection of appropriate sealing product/material, offer application recommendations, consulting and assistance in the design and installation of gaskets in critical applications to ensure proper mounting.

Constantly Improving

We follow the latest trends in industry and set new ones. We don’t just look for the best existing solution, but are passionate about developing new solutions to fulfill your needs. Our innovation process is customer focused. We enrich our knowledge by asking questions and listening to our customers.

We cover all aspects of application engineering

Our experts are:
Researchers and innovators: Knowledge, experience, innovator’s soul, backed by ones of the best equipped laboratories in the world, contribute to new innovative solutions.
Problem solvers: We strongly believe that each sealing problem has a solution. We can find solution for even the most challenging sealing problems.
Application engineers: Focused on existing sealing and gasket material products, application engineers have excellent knowledge of their properties and how to use them.
Sales engineers: Good knowledge of client needs on one side and of products and applications on the other, helps sales engineers find the optimal sealing solution.